Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Privacy_72334209With medical practices and facilities utilizing electronic medical record systems and employees working in an explosion of social media, Protected Health Information (PHI) is now more likely to be disclosed or fall victim to cyber-attack than ever before. The fines, legal fees, loss of business, and credit monitoring costs for a breach of PHI can be devastating to a medical practice. These costs can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars in instances of willful neglect, but even accidental breaches can cost your practice time, money, business, and staff morale if you don’t have the tools to act and react appropriately.

Dynamic Practice Development provides an effective approach to establishing or improving an active HIPAA compliance program within your medical practice. This will help your business avoid the highest penalties for breach by developing a practice-wide knowledge of compliance and working with your team to establish a culture that strives to protect PHI.

Demonstrating commitment to protecting PHI requires more than the annual HIPAA compliance training most practices provide. Commitment requires:

  • Establishing and following clear policies and procedures to protect PHI
  • Utilizing the appropriate HIPAA medical disclosure forms, contracts, and notifications
  • Providing annual HIPAA training to all staff with commitment of management
  • Establishing a Compliance Officer and implementing compliance oversight
  • Creating a safe and controlled area for servers and medical records
  • Implementing electronic security and encryption of transmitted PHI
  • Establishing a disaster plan and providing site security

Dynamic Practice Development consultants assess the pieces your practice needs to establish an effective, ongoing HIPAA compliance program, then assists your team in implementing each step. Attending a webinar or sending your office manager to a compliance seminar are good ideas, but these techniques cannot replace the experience Dynamic Practice Development brings to the table, or the customized assistance our consultants can provide to create and implement the best plan for your practice.

Here is How We Work

Step 1 – Initial Call: The first review of your HIPAA compliance program by phone will cost you nothing at all. Call Sybil Yeaman directly at: 602-743-4746 or use our Contact Us form to set up a phone consultation.

Step 2 – Proposal: We’ll report on the compliance needs of your practice based on our initial assessment and create a proposal for further work.

Step 3 – Work Together: This is where we step away from the competition: we do the compliance footwork for you. We don’t give out blank, generic forms for the practice to figure out. Instead, we’ll establish an effective HIPAA compliance program that is customized for your practice and manageable for your team–that means we’ll write new Policies and Procedures, review and update your HIPAA binder, and provide your staff with training. Our structured program will support your team step-by-step through the process of creating a culture of safety and health compliance. Every practice is different, and we will work with your team remotely or work with you directly onsite.

Step 4 – Annual Review, Annual Training: Establishing compliance is the hardest part, but your practice will still require consistent review and training. Every year, we’ll return to do a “check-up” and keep you on course.

Step 5 – Success: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can demonstrate to your patients, staff, and auditors that your medical practice is committed to HIPAA compliance. If you have questions or concerns, rest easy knowing that your HIPAA management team is only a phone call away.