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HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Compliance Management Service

We’ll be your go-to OSHA and HIPAA compliance experts. First, our certified compliance associates will review your compliance strategies for gaps or errors. Then, we’ll do the footwork to bring you fully into compliance. Need updated Policies and Procedures? We’ll write them. Haven’t done a Risk Analysis in a while? We’ll perform one. Don’t know what signs or safety equipment you need? We’ll let you know. Need staff training? We’ve got you covered.

We provide the tools and know-how you need to to meet federal requirements, ensure your staff has access to effective training, and most importantly of all, protect your staff and patients.

OSHA Compliance Solutions

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Call us today at 602.743.4746 to discuss your compliance status.

Our people are trained and experienced. During a phone consultation, we’ll be able to assess your compliance with federally mandated OSHA and HIPAA standards. From there, we’ll answer your questions and determine what we can do to get you into compliance.



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Sybil Yeaman, CHC, CPCO, CHPE

“Annual staff compliance training is no longer enough to meet federal and state HIPAA and OSHA requirements. Protect your practice, staff, and patients from the costs and dangers associated with breaches in compliance. Don’t get caught up in litigation and fines over injuries or breaches of protected information. The Dynamic Practice Development compliance consulting team will work with your practice to tailor a strategy to your specific needs. Call or e-mail to find out what we can do for you.”

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