Occupational Safety and Health Act/Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA-CatoonThe OSHA Office of Training and Education estimated that 1 in every 7 healthcare workers and other facilities experienced an exposure to bloodborne pathogens through an accidental needlestick every year. Nothing is more demoralizing to staff and potentially costly to a medical business than injury or exposure to disease—especially when the injury or exposure could have been avoided. An active, ongoing OSHA Compliance program is your best strategy for both protecting the wellbeing of your employees and the bottom line of your practice.

Dynamic Practice Development provides the tools, guidance, and experience you need to meet OSHA compliance standards in 2015 and onwards. We provide medical practices with customized, step-by-step help to protect their employees–the risk of noncompliance is too high to be ignored.

Demonstrating commitment requires more than the annual OSHA compliance training most practices provide.

Commitment requires:

  • Seeking out potential hazards by performing a practice wide hazard assessment
  • Establishing and following clear policies and procedures to protect employees
  • Creating and following an Exposure Control Plan
  • Utilizing the appropriate OSHA forms and agreements
  • Providing annual OSHA training to all staff with commitment of management
  • Establishing a Compliance Officer and implementing compliance oversight
  • Instituting a fire and emergency plan for staff and patient evacuation
  • Creating an environment of non-violence and commitment to safety and health

Dynamic Practice Development consultants will not only help you assess your OSHA compliance needs, we will also provide guidance and the experience of decades in the field to work out tailored, real world solutions for you and your practice. Attending online programs or sending your office manager to a compliance seminar are good ideas, but these techniques cannot provide the personalized service that our consultants offer to see you through the process from start to finish.


Here is How We Work.

Step 1 – Initial Call: We will discuss your current OSHA compliance program. Call Sybil Yeaman directly at: 602-743-4746, use our easy online contact form or contact Sybil at Sybil@dynamicpracticedevelopment.com to set up a mutually convenient time.

Step 2 – Proposal: Report on the compliance needs of your practice based on our initial discussion.

Step 3 – Work Together: Establish an effective OSHA compliance program that is customized for your practice and manageable for your team. We will provide a structured program to guide and support your team step-by-step through the process of creating a culture of safety and health compliance. Every practice is different, and we will work with your team remotely or work with you directly onsite.

Step 4 – Success: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can demonstrate to your patients, staff, and auditors that your medical practice is committed to compliance.


About the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA has oversight of most employers and employees in the United States either directly or through OSHA approved state plans. OSHA requires employers to manage the risk of injury of their employees through awareness and oversight of recognizable hazards, removal or alleviating risk to hazards, education, and ongoing protection of employees.