A Few Words About Us

compliance_57210225Dynamic Practice Development, LLC, is a medical compliance consulting company designed to provide high quality consulting and training services. We serve medical practices and medical service companies who are seeking to establish or improve their HIPAA and OSHA compliance programs.

Sybil Yeaman, Director, and her network of compliance consultants can take your compliance program from conception to completion without disrupting your business. With a variety of resources and options available, your compliance program can be managed directly or assisted remotely.

Our Team


Sybil Yeaman, CHC, CPCO, CHPE

sybil_1Based in Arizona, Sybil earned her BA at Cleveland State University and went on to develop substantial managerial and operational skills in various medical specialty enterprises. Her responsibilities and experience include development of an ophthalmic and surgical center network, Regional Operations Director for a national multi-specialty surgical center corporation, Director of Business Development for a clinical research facility, and owner of a health care consulting firm. With more than two decades of experience, Sybil’s expertise, strong analytical and management skills, and understanding of regulatory requirements make her an excellent consultant for HIPAA and OSHA compliance.



 Aaron Yeaman, CHPE


Aaron earned his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Arizona State University and worked at the ASU Cancer Research Institute, both in the lab and as an assistant to the Safety Officer, for several years. He went on to start his own business and develop an understanding of business management. Now based in Michigan, Aaron completed extensive OSHA regulatory training through the University of South Florida and is a Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert. With his understanding of business, research lab experience, and close attention to compliance regulation requirements, Aaron is an ideal consultant for any medical practice needing to develop an effective HIPAA and OSHA compliance programs.



 Rachelle Yeaman


Rachelle earned her BA at the University of Arizona. After living and teaching abroad, she returned to the States to gain experience in both marketing and customer service. While working for an in-home care company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Rachelle led the team that developed and implemented a HIPAA compliance strategy. This experience made her cognizant of the challenges of compliance and the invaluable help of expert advice. Both innovative and creative, Rachelle develops and maintains DPD marketing and social media.



Our Advantages

25 years of medical industry experience have established DPD as a valuable resource for HIPAA and OSHA compliance consulting.

We can save you time. It takes time to understand the numerous HIPAA and OSHA regulations and requirements. Use our expertise to establish or update your compliance program, while you continue to focus on growing your business.

We offer a free consultation. Let’s talk. We can usually assess your basic compliance program needs with a conference call, then make recommendations at no cost.

We offer a variety of solutions. Every company is different. We’ll manage your compliance program directly or remotely assist your team.

We are cost effective. Our experience makes us efficient. We offer the compliance services you need, then provide them without interfering with your business.

We offer peace of mind. We will help you demonstrate to your staff, patients, clients and auditors that you are dedicated to compliance